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What's new in MCL XL?

Extra Large Logos

1) Now you can add logos that are 25% wider-
 Before: After: 
(Interesting Fact: This is a feature the Windows 7 Media Center team wanted to add, but they couldn't figure out how to code!  Now we've done it for you!) 

Extra Large Guide

1) Add up to 12 rows to the guide, without having to shrink the other rows or font sizes

2) View 3 hours of the guide at once instead of just two.

3) And all of this now officially works in Windows 8!   
2) Now our database has reworked US Logos with twice the quality-
 Previous Logo:New Logo: 
(Note: Final logo is sharper, 
but re-sized to fit in the guide)  

4) If you only watch HD Channels, you can now autopopulate so it matches the non-HD equivalents
(United States Users only, for now)

5) More logo in a smaller space: Now our PNGs are 20% more efficiently encoded for smaller file sizes 

Extra Large MCL

1) Now included is a Media Center Add-in where you can add logos using a 10-foot interface

 System Requirements

  • Windows 7  or Windows 8 Media Center
    • Note: Media Center is a separate add-in for Windows 8.
    • Windows 10 is not supported at the current time.
  • Either 32 bit or 64 bit Operating System
  • Must have a TV Tuner installed and guide set up first
  • MCL is not guaranteed to work with countries without guide data that is brought in by Media Center itself. 3rd party XML sources may not function with MCL.
  • MCL Logos are optimized for use with 1080p resolutions
  • Database of larger logos are currently only available for US users. But you can still add your own wider logos no matter what country you're in.
  • Database of small logos is available for UK, US, Canada, Denmark, Germany, New Zealand, Australia, France, Spain, Netherlands.
  • Our program is not guaranteed to play nicely with other apps that modify WMC DLLs. Use at your own risk.


The folks who work on this program do so in their spare time, and work very hard to provide fast support and continued logo updates. While there is a required base payment for the full version of MCL, extra donations are always appreciated, and really encourage us to keep working on the project!

If you are someone who is using the lite version of MCLv2, or has donated in the distant past, please consider donating to the project now. We like to think we're providing value to your Media Center experience, so donate if you think the same!