Unable to install MCL V2?
This version is no longer supported. You'll have to purchase MCL XL.
Unable to use MCL XL on Windows 10?
We have heard varying reports that some features may work with WMC in W10, and some may not. Your mileage may vary, as MCL was not designed for Windows 10. This is something we are looking into, however the constant updates by Microsoft that sporadically break certain portions of WMC make it difficult to keep up. 


get your guide
looking good

The MCL team serves to dig deep inside the Windows Media Center code, and bring out the best in your TV guide. Through a combination of unique modifications custom-tailored by the MCL team, you can make your guide not just look better, but become more functional. In a matter of minutes, your guide can go from good to great, in a user-friendly interface.

Add Logos to your WMC Guide

My Channel Logos has a database of logos for over 1500 unique channels. Most channels have both white-washed images and color images, all created from high-quality sources. We have a large database of
over 3000 logos from all over the world, including US, Canada, UK, Germany, France, New Zealand, Australia, Denmark, Spain, Sweden, and Netherlands. But even we don't have logos, you can add your own manually using our app.

What''s special about our logo matching system?

  • Thousands of logos, specifically designed to fit within the Windows Media Center guide.
  • Autopopulate Algorithm matches logos in seconds
  • Automatically update logos behind the scenes
  • Create your own autopopulate database, or drag and drop logos to add them manually
  • Choose which logos update, and which don't
    • Add Big logos to the guide- 20% wider and twice the quality!
    • Use the logos for SD channels & hide "HD"

Modify & Expand your WMC Guide 

My Channel Logos allows you to modify your guide listings so they look the way you want. Our team has taken care to edit each line of code so that each mod looks perfect within media center.

What can you change about your guide with MCL?

  • Increase the number of visible rows up to 12
  • Increase the rows in the miniguide up to 4
  • Choose which elements of the guide to show- either the channel number, logo, or callsign, and choose which order they are shown in
  • Remove dead space in the channel cell.
    • Add 12 rows, without losing guide height!
    • See 3 hours of guide at once!
    • All guide edits now work in Windows 8!


Microsoft sets a limit on how many tuners you can use with Windows Media Center. TunerSalad breaks that limit, and allows you to user every tuner connected to your computer. 

With the latest version of TunerSalad:
  • Enable 32 tuners on your HTPC
  • Works on Windows 7 or 8
  • Works with any WMC tuner
  • Download a light-weight exe without any bloatware to install
Learn more here