Why choose Thirty-Two-nerSalad?
  • Enable up to 32 tuners that are connected to your computer
  • No installation required- just a single EXE
  • Works without extra unnecessary bloatware
  • Works for all installed Windows Media Center tuners
  • Works for Windows 7 up to Windows 8.1
  • Very easy to use

Thiry-Two-newSalad is now FREEWARE.



1) Use username 'ts-downloader' and password 'MoreTunerTime1' to open the zip file.

2) Unzip TunerSalad Footlong and double click on the exe. 

3) Click "Increase Tuner Limit"

3) Close and reopen Media Center, then re-run TV Setup.


1) TunerSalad is not for commercial use.

2) Microsoft may issue a patch or send a signal to your PC at a later time that may break the functionality of TunerSalad. They haven't in over two years of TunerSalad availability, but it could happen. TunerSalad settings are more likely to persist if you download and install before Microsoft issues a fix.

3) This software has been used around the world for over a year with not a problem. However, it was only originally tested in the US with clearQAM tuners, Ceton Cablecard Tuners, HDHomeRun producsts and ATI DCTs. We have not personally tested every setup imaginable, particularly those from other countries. We cannot guarantee the software will work for you, although please send us a message if it does not, and we will try to help as best we can.

4) While TunerSalad has been safely tested on numerous machines and setups, TunerSalad modifies native Windows files. We cannot be held responsible for any damage this does to your computer. Use with caution.

5) Tuner salad DOES NOT add more tuners to your computer- it simply lets you use the tuners you already have. It increases the limit Microsoft puts on tuners- by default, that is a maximum of 4 per tuner type (ATSC, NTSC, CableCard, DVB-S, etc.). The Ceton InfiniTV 4 has 4 tuners in one card. The base-model of HDHomeRun Prime has 3 tuners in one box. To benefit from TunerSalad, you should have greater than 4 tuners of the same type. Refunds will no longer be given for not reading this disclaimer.