MCL Partnerships

My Channel Logos has partnered with a number of excellent Windows Media Center developers to integrate our television logos into the rest of your media center experiences! Enhance your media center experience by downloading these other WMC add-ins and second-screen devices. 


Remote Potato allows you to access your HTPC content and guide from afar, whether its through the web-based interface, or through your smart-phone. The program lets you watch recorded TV from afar, look at your guide, and even use a remote control.

Now, all your MyChannelLogos logos will appear in your RemotePotato guide!

You can download the RemotePotato server here.  If you are using MCL and RemotePotato, don't forget to donate to the RemotePotato folks as well!

See Remote Potato Support for more information!

Recorded TV HD

There's no better way to organize your media than with Recorded TV HD. This program displays your recorded television shows with high quality backdrops, tv posters, season/episode organization, and genre or favorites sections.

With My Channel Logos integration, Recorded TV HD will display the channel logo from where the tv show was recorded!

Visit the Recorded TV HD website today to buy the software!

My Media Center

From the folks that brought you the InfiniTV and Echo Extender comes a set of mobile apps that let's you take control of your media center experience no matter where you are. Ceton's My Media Center let's you access your guide from Windows Phone, Android, iPhone and Windows 8!

Now, when you open your Guide in My Media Center, you'll be able to see all of the logos from My Channel Logos.

Download MMC from the your mobile OS's official store.