MCL on the Web

My Channel Logos has been mentioned in many different forums and blogs...

Using Windows Home Server - "This is a fantastic plugin, and it is simple to install and configure - frankly it is a must have!"

LifeHacker - "Sit back and enjoy the new rich, colorful appearance of your channel listings."

PC World- "Happy Birthday to me... I can't believe it's taken me so long to discover My Channel Logos"

Engadget - "a welcome addition"

Hack7MC - "get started on making your dull TV listings shine in no time" "This program is such a success, it's hard to imagine the TV guide without it".

Addicted to Digital Media - "makes the TV feature sing", "one of the first and most useful PowerToys"

Missing Remote - "the end result is rather stunning"

Australian Media Center Forum - "Very easy to use", "worked a treat"

On10 Blog - "a simple application"

The Green Button - "Straight up sexy", "Easy to use", "WOW, this is GREAT", "I love it!", "Awesome Utility!", "my wife loves this" "My guide looks great now!", "These station logos made my day"