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Installing MCL, and adding Logos

Here's how to get started using My Channel Logos

  • Note the system requirements:
    • You must have a TV Tuner installed, and have gone through Live TV Setup.
    • MCL will only work with native guide data, not XML sources.
    • MCL will only work on Windows 7 or Windows 8, 32 and 64 bit.
  • After downloading, extract the installers from the zip file. (Right click on the zip file> Click “Extract All”.)
  • Choose the correct installer based on whether you are using 64 bit Windows or 32 bit Windows.
    • Go to Computer> System Properties>System type to find out what system you use.
  • Double click on the extracted Installer and Install MCL by clicking “Next” twice. Your computer may ask you for user account control; click Yes.

  • After Installation is complete, click the checkbox to automaticaly start MCL. 
  • The first time you run MCL, all of the logos for your region will download, as shown below. This may take a few minutes. Logos are currently available for the US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, Germany, France, New Zealand. Big Logos will be available in the US.

  • You may also find logo packages made by other media center enthusiasts from your country. Search around the internet.
  • After download is complete, the main screen will open, as seen at the top of this page.

  • To automatically add logos to media center, click “auto-populate logos.” For information about how autopopulate works, see the FAQ page.
  • To manually assign a logo to a channel:
    • Click on the channel for which you would like to manually add a logo. The information for that channel should appear in the preview section on the right. (You may either add logos to channels in the “channels without logos” list, or change assigned logos in the “Channels with Logos” list.
  • Once the channel is selected, you can add your logo in two ways.
    • Either drag and drop a PNG file right over the 'add logo' box (or previously assigned logo image)
    • Or click on the 'add logo box' (or previously assigned logo) and use file explorer to choose your own image.
    • Once the logo has been added,it will show up in the "channels with logos" list with the new image.
  • Close and reopen media center to see your logos.
  • Enjoy your new logos!