Frequently Asked Questions

I bought MCL Version 2- do I get a free copy of MCL XL?

Unfortunately, having purchased a prior version of MCL does not qualify you for the new version. MCL XL is offered for a reasonable price that (even in combination with MCL v2) is cheaper than most other options out there. If you would like access to the new features and updated logos, you'll need to purchase the new version.

I lost my copy of MCL- how can I redownload?

If you purchased MCL XL less than one month ago, your download link should still work. If you lost the email, we can send you a new one. Please go to the Contact Us page, and you may request a new link. Your request will be expedited if you include the paypal transaction number. 

Our team unfortunately WILL NOT be able to provide new copies months or years after you made your last purchase or donation. Hard drive malfunctions and OS reinstallations may occur without warning, and we have included the suggestion to keep a backup copy in every purchase email. For the price of one lunch, you can redownload the program and keep that copy for as long as you'd like. And it will last a lot longer than your lunch does!

When I make changes to the Guide tab, nothing happens in Windows Media Center. What should I do?

The first thing to do is to reset your installation. Occasionally, Antivirus software (including Microsoft Security Essentials) can block my program from running certain tasks. To reset everything:

1) If you have any third party antivirus software, temporarily disable it. Please keep it off for the remainder of these instructions.

2) Make sure you are connected to the internet for the remainder of these instructions.

3) Uninstall My Channel Logos, through the “Uninstall or Change a Program” button when you open up My Computer.

4) Delete the Mychannellogos folder in C:\programdata and C:\program files. (programdata is a hidden folder)

5) Reinstall My Channel Logos.

6) Open MCL, and go to the guide tab. Choose the settings you want. Then click apply changes.  Do you wish to continue? Click yes. There should be an elevated prompt that pops up, click yes to proceed.

7) Click the button “See changes in WMC”.

8) After you’re happy with your changes, you may turn your Anti Virus software back on.


If this doesn’t work, you can Contact Us for some more troubleshooting.

Installing MCL doesn't work- it says my system is not the correct number of bits. But I'm sure I selected the right file.

Please make sure to extract the installer from the zip file before attempting to install. Install it locally, rather than from a network address.

How do I download logos from a different region?

MCL automatically selects the region based on your guide. If you would like to download logos from another country, you may want to select a different region.

1. Go to the Settings tab, and choose the desired region from the drop down list below "Current Region".

2. Click "Change Region"

The logos aren't appearing in the grid- only in the description area below the guide. How do I change that? 

1. First off, your guide region must match the region listed in the settings. If it does not:

a. Go to the Settings tab, and choose the desired region from the drop down list below "Current Region".

b. Click "Change Region"

2. In the left column of the Settings tab, there is a checkbox to "Show logos below Grid".

3. If it has a checkmark beside it, uncheck it, and Apply Changes.

4. If it does not have a checkmark beside it, check it, apply changes, then uncheck it, and apply changes.

Please note that this option does not function for users in the United Kingdom. I'm sorry.

How does Auto Populate work? How do I use my own images for logos?

My Channel Logos has a large database of logos and their corresponding callsigns. If the callsign exists in our database, it will match the logo that we have for it. Based on the user settings, that logo will either be color or white-washed. 

If the logo does not exist in our database, (or if you'd rather design your own logos), there are several ways to add your own.

1. Select a Callsign in MCL. Go to the file folder with your PNG. Drag and drop the PNG overtop the previous logo or "Add Logo" field.

2. Select the Callsign in MCL. Click on the prior logo or "Add Logo" field. A window will pop up where you can navigate to the proper logo and select it.

3. If you want your logo to autopopulate, the filenames must be CALLSIGN_c.png. Then copy the logos to C:\ProgramData\MyChannelLogos\Logos\Color

a. In order to prevent logo updates from overwriting, lock these callsigns. (See the Locked callsigns section of the FAQ.)

b. Make sure MCL is set to use Color logos for this to work.

c. Special callsign characters (> < \ / etc.) should be replaced with ~

d. Google "Spacetornado Renamer" for a good batch renaming program to add _c to your logos. 

How do I back up my manually added logos and add them to a new computer? 

1. Go to C:\ProgramData\MyChannelLogos\Logos\Custom

2. Rename the logos by adding _c to the end of all of them.

(Google "Spacetornado Renamer" for a good batch renaming program)

3. Save these logos into a separate location or USB drive for transfer.
4. Install MCL on your new computer.
5. Open up the program, and have the program download logos.
6. Copy your backed up logos into C:\ProgramData\MyChannelLogos\Logos\Color
7. Click "Autopopulate" in the Logos tab.
8. In order to prevent logo updates from overwriting, lock these callsigns. (See the Locked callsigns section of the FAQ.)

To remove a single logo:

1. Pick the appropriate call sign from the Channels With Logos list.

2. Click on the Garbage bin button.

To remove all logos:

1. Click the Remove All button.

To show ALL channels found by your tuner, not just the ones enabled in the guide:

1. Go to the Settings Tab 

2. Check "Show Disabled Channels in list".

Locked Channels:

My Channel Logos will occasionally download updates to logos in the background, even when the program is not running, and re-apply Autopopulate. If you have a logo that you do not want to change (ie, a manually added logo), you can prevent the image from being changed by adding the logo to the Locked Channel list. 

By default, a channel becomes locked once it is manually added, although this can be turned off in the Settings section

By default, locked channels will be skipped by autopopulate.

How to lock Channels yourself:

If there are any other callsigns you want to lock, go to the Settings tab, select the logo in the Unlocked list, and click the right arrow to move it to the Locked list.