Change Log

- Initial Release.

- Removed Affiliate reader due to crash at startup.
- Auto-populate code altered to run more efficiently.
- Logging capabilities added.

- Fixed US Affiliate reader- local affiliates will now be correctly assigned.
- Fixed error where UK users’ Grid logos were not being enabled.
- Added installer and icon.
- Program only shows guide-enabled channels now.
- Fixed bug where channel assignment was case-sensitive.
- Added US Logos.
- Added UK logos.

- Fixed error where folder was being put in the wrong place on 64 bit computers
- Added option to put logos in the guide grid or below the grid
- Added option to auto-populate on startup
- Added option to view/hide channels not appearing in your guide
- Reorganized main window to be viewable with 480i/p screens
- Added 20 US logos (thanks for your help, rgreenpc!)
- Added 33 UK logos (Thanks for your help, RazorD!)
- Added 20 NZ logos (Thanks for your help, rhysB!)

- Added a couple US logos
- Added logo names for compatibility with Dish Network users

-Moved all logos to the website. Now they will download automatically based on your region.
-Fixed issue where invalid filepath characters cannot have logos attached
-Added exemption list, so certain logos do not get replaced on autopopulate, etc.
-Added Color US Logos
-Added Color UK Logos
-Added Color and White Canadian Logos (thanks Mark!)
-Added Australian Logos (Thanks to contributors from Australian Media Center forum!)

-Fixed some bugs in the exempt list
-Fixed bug where callsigns with invalid characters could not be manually added
-Added warning that changing guide logo position may not work in all regions.
-Added affiliate support for PBS HD

-Fixed a new bug where manual addition doesn't work after adding a logo once

-New Database so that one logo can be used for multiple callsigns
-Drag and Drop PNGs into the Dark Blue Box to manually assign
-Updated Download screen to show you progress
-Select multiple exemptions at once so that Autopopulate doesn't change them
-Removed Popup after Autopopulate or Remove All
-Checks for new version of MCL when you open
-Version 1.20 now installs over previous version
-Rearranged Region window so its less confusing
-Fixed error when you click on dark blue box after manual assignment
-TV Tuner check fixed. (It broke once the guide became enabled by default with internet TV)
-Fixed bug where Remove All removed Internet TV logos
-Added a lot of new logos to the database (See Blog post)

- Fixed error introduced in 1.20 where autopopulate would not work for non-database logos
- Fixed error where no connection to our servers would cause MCL to say your version is out of date, and would close out.

- Second attempt to fixed error where no connection to our servers would cause MCL to say your version is out of date, and would close out.

- Brand new UI
- Added methods to enhance the guide
- Automatic updates now work
- Created MCL Lite
- New server to solve outage problems

- Fixed some manual addition scenarios
- Fixed problem where 32 bit machines weren't able to edit guide

- Fixed problem where automatic scheduled logo updates and autopopulate was not functioning for 64 bit machine
- Changed automatic scheduled updates to wake up computer once a week

- Instituted new installer that is better at setting privileges and is more customizable

- Added function to allow for wider logos to be added to guide
- Added function to assign the logos for SD channels to the HD channels using autopopulate
- Modified the method with which the WMC dll is modified so it is compatible with windows 8
- Added 12-row guide modification
- Added 3-column guide modification
- created new set of logos that are on average 20% smaller in size with no loss in quality
- created new set of big logos for US users
- Fixed issue where locked callsigns could not be unlocked